Debates Participated (40)

Date Debate title/Bill name Debate Type
05.02.2014 Need to set up a Armed Forces Medical College at Kozhikode in Kerala LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
12.12.2013 Need to accord early approval for construction of remaining portion of the Calicut bye-pass from Vengalam to Idimuzhikal on N.H.-17 in Kerala LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
04.09.2013 Increase the pension under Employees Pension Scheme 1995 LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
19.03.2013 Need to take steps for setting up of Footwear Design and Development Institute at Kozhikode in Kerala LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
11.03.2013 (i)The Budget (Railways) – 2013-14; (ii) Demands for Grants on Account (Railways) – 2013-14; (iii) Supplementary Demands for Grants (Railways) – 2012-13; and (iv) Demands for Excess Grants (Railways) – 2010-11 Budget (Railways)
05.03.2013 Need to establish kendriya vidyalayas in gulf countries in order to impart quality education to the children of blue collar indian workers LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
18.12.2012 Regarding Honouring Flying Officer K.P. Murlidharan for his supreme sacrifice in 1971 Indo-Pak war Special Mention
11.12.2012 Need to ensure basic minimum facilities to the beneficiaries of the Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in the country. LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
04.12.2012 Make Kozhikode a UPSC Centre for its examinations Special Mention
04.09.2012 Need to enhance the Minimum Support Price of copra and restrict the import of palm oil in the country. LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
23.08.2012 Need to upgrade district hospitals in the country as medical colleges to provide better health care services to the patients. LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
13.05.2012 Sixty years Journey of the Indian Parliament Government Resolutions
02.05.2012 Need to make Calicut in Kerala a centre for UPSC examinations LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
27.04.2012 Request to send technical study team to calicut to study the feasibility of the Kozhikode railway project Special Mention
27.03.2012 Budget (General) Budget (General)
27.03.2012 Need to provide funds for dredging of Canoly canal under the West coast canal network of Kerala LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
22.03.2012 Open an Attestation Centre of Ministry of External Affairs at Calicut, Kerala for the convenience of nris hailing from Kerala LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
21.03.2012 The Budget(Railways) – 2012-13; (ii) Demands for Grants on Account (Railways) – 2012-13; (iii) Supplementary Demands for Grants (Railways) – 2011-12; and (iv) Demands for Excess Grants (Railways) – 2009-10 Budget (Railways)
21.12.2011 Introduction of new trains from Kerala during winter season Special Mention
20.12.2011 Setting up a Commission for the welfare of nursing Community Special Mention
13.12.2011 Supplementary Demand for Grant (Railways) – 2011-12 Budget (Railways)
29.11.2011 Regarding need to take steps to restore the services of vendors at railway platforms in Palakkad division in Kerala LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
05.09.2011 Start work on Guruvayur to Thirunavaya rail-line project in Kerala LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
02.08.2011 Upgrade Calicut Railway Station in Kerala as a world class station LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
14.03.2011 Kidney diseases and providing infrastructural facilities, Dialysis Centre, under the NRHM scheme Special Mention
08.03.2011 Welfare of the people evacuated from Lybia Special Mention
04.03.2011 (i) General Discussion on the Budget (Railways) – 2011-2012; (ii) Supplementary Demands for Grants Nos. 1, 3, 4, 6 to 13 and 16 in respect of Budget (Railways) for 2010-11. Budget (Railways)
03.03.2011 Start construction of Kottapura-Mangalore National Waterways LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
09.12.2010 Restore the Air India flights withdrawn from Indo-Gulf sector and to extend Delhi-Bangaluru flight upto Calicut in Kerala LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
18.11.2010 Need to accord approval to the proposal for upgradation of Medical College at Calicut as a centre of excellence in Kozhikode Parliamentary Constituency, Kerala LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
10.11.2010 Need to augment Calicut bound train services and construct a Pit Line at West Hill in Kerala LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
09.11.2010 Plight of travellers using Air India from stations across Kerala Special Mention
19.08.2010 Supplementary Demands for Grants (Railways) – 2010-11 Budget (Railways)
10.08.2010 Problems being faced by Indian workers in the Gulf countries Special Mention
05.08.2010 Establishing a Regional Institute of Paramedical Sciences at Kozhikode at the earliest Special Mention
27.04.2010 Regarding need to repeal the Prasar Bharti Act, 1990 to bring Doordarshan and All India Radio under direct Government control LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
16.12.2009 Regarding need to increase the frequency of Gulf-bound Air India flights from Calicut LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
29.07.2009 Regarding outbreak of fever in Kozhikkode Constituency. Special Mention
20.07.2009 Discussion on Demands for Grants Nos. 1 – 3 under the control of the Ministry of Agriculture Budget (General)
08.07.2009 General Discussion on the Budget (Railways) for 2009-2010 Budget (Railways)

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